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Q: How do I pay using the Spot & Pay App?

A: There are multiple ways to pay using your app. If you are onsite, you can scan the QR code and pay quickly. If you are remote, you can find the business using the Find and Pay option in the app and pay. If you are a website that has Spot&Pay button, you can click that button and pay. 

Q: How do I add my business to your business listing?
A: You can click sign up from our website and create a business account. Once you complete the account creation process, please wait for activation email. After activation your account is ready to use. You can login back and start downloading your QR code to publish anywhere you like. You can even use the code in your website.
Q: So I can pay even if I am not near the QR code location? Really?
A: Yes, all participating business are listed in our directory. You can search by business name or business ID to find and pay.
Q: What is recurring feature and how do I setup recurring?
A: If you pay or donate every month, you can setup a recurring payment with our app. Open report and find the business that you paid before. You have an option to select recurring payment from the report page. Setup date and number of month for recurring. Spot and Pay will take care of the rest.
Q: How do I cancel recurring payment?
A: From the recurring page, you can either modify or delete. 
Q: How to add your Credit/Debit cards?
A: Go to My Cards section. click the + sign to add your credit or debit card. Enter your card information and you are good to go.
Q: Can I add multiple cards?
A: Yes, you can add as many as you want, but only one default is allowed. 
Q: What is default card? And what is a nickname for a card?
A: Default card is designed for quick payment. On payment screen you can continue with default card or select the card from dropdown while you pay. A nickname is to identify the connected card. For ex: amex_tom, visa_tom instead of just numbers.
Q: What is the difference between Recurring and Reminder?
A: A recurring setup will automatically pay based on the criteria that you set while reminders will just remind you to pay. You can setup remind if you don't pay the same amount everytime.
Q: Where can I see my payment summary? Can I export my summary?
A: Under Reports page. Simply navigate to Reports page and see all your transactions. You can even export by using "Email me report" feature on top.
Q: Do you send any year end reports?
A: No, we don't. you can export the report anytime to Excel and use it as needed.
Q: What is quick pay?
A: Instead of entering value, you can select predefined values to make donations. 
Q: What is convert to recurring?
A: Convert to recurring is a feature available in reminders. If you setup a reminder and then decide to make it recurring, you can use this feature to quickly convert the reminders to recurring.
Q: How do I see transaction by business, dates, etc
A: When you export the report, you will get the data in excel format. You an slice and dice however you want. 
Q: Is there any monthly fee to use your product?
A: No. Spot and Pay is a free product for consumers.
Q: How do I get in touch with you?
A: Please use our contact us page. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Q: How secured is your app?
A: We are committed to security. We do not store PCI data in our servers. Our secured gateway partners keep data secured. Spot and Pay is designed by Industry leaders who been in Fintech industry and been consultants in banking and security industry. 
Q: Can I send newsletter and messages to my customers from your app?
A: Yes, from the business page, you can send instant message, weekly message or on demand message to your customers. 

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